mentions légales aéroport Chambéry
Engagement en faveur de la construction de l’aéroport du Bourget du Lac.


Commitment taken for the construction of the Bourget du Lac Airport.


Under the aegis of Pierre COT, Minister for Aviation Affairs, the local authorities – including the tourist town of Aix-les-Bains which saw great interest in the venture – came together so as to create a mixed military and civil aerodrome on the flat lands to the south of Le Bourget du Lac.
In the aftermath of the Great War, the civil airport at Aix-les-Bains / Chambéry took shape in the context of reconstruction of the country, but a lot of work remained. Large-scale construction work began.


Construction of the terminal.


Commercial activities began.


First permit for temporary occupancy issued by the State to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for operation of the airport.


Air Alpes began operating commercial routes and launched the route between Chambéry and Lyon Bron.

La compagnie Air Alpes installée sur l’aéroport développe sa flotte d’appareils


Air Alpes began operating a daily route between Chambéry and Paris.


Air Alpes, based on site, developed its fleet of aircraft such as the Fokker 28 twin medium haul 50-seater.


Air Alpes, based on site, developed its fleet of aircraft such as the Fokker 28 twin medium haul 50-seater.


Military air base closed.

L’aéroport accueille les Jeux Olympiques d’hiver d’Albertville.


From 1990, ahead of the Olympics, the airport would undergo a vast amount of improvement work: the terminal building was modernised and expanded (its surface area was increased from 960 to 1, 920 and then 2, 600m²), the runway was lengthened to 2, 020m, aircraft parking bays were developed and a 300 space car park and 20 space coach park were also created.


The airport welcomed the Albertville Winter Olympics.

1994 > 2000 

Investment continued to allow the airport to handle the increase in winter sport resort holiday charter flights.

1996 :

The Chambéry-Paris route was seamlessly taken over by Proteus Airlines, after having been abandoned by TET, which would then be taken over by Air France under the regional airline, Airlines.


A new milestone was reached: 110, 000 passengers per year!


Creation of weekly rotations between Chambéry and London Stansted by Buzz.


The first ever Boeing 757 operated by the Dutch airline Transavia landed: the largest airline to ever land at the airport with some 220 passengers on board.


A new record was reached with 3, 600 airline movements per year. Installation of a security control system for all luggage and passengers.

L’aéroport atteint durant l’hiver le cap de 10 000 passagers


Profitability of the route could no longer be maintained to Paris due in large part to the reduced cost of the high-speed rail link between Chambéry and Paris, and the general reduction in air traffic.


During the winter season, the airport reached the milestone of 10, 000 passengers per weekend, which equates to 172, 407 for the entire season.
The Savoie General Council issued a mandate for operations, management and development of Chambéry Savoie Airport to the partnership between VINCI Airports-Kéolis for a renewable 7-year term.
This public-private partnership, the second of its kind, along with Grenoble Isère Airport, would serve as a model for other regional airports in France. Major work began with the expansion of boarding lounges, creation of an operations centre, and computerisation of check-in points.


New record: 12, 219 passengers during the last weekend of January.


Commercial aviation began to develop, and a fully-dedicated commercial aviation terminal was created and funded by the Savoie General Council.


Historic record in traffic level: 270, 436 passengers per year.


Creation of a bus station for users and to allow for transfer of passengers towards winter sport resorts.

Lancement des travaux


VINCI Airports was appointed by the Savoie General Council as operator of Chambéry Savoie Airport, responsible for airport management and operations in the framework of a new public service mandate with a term of 16 years, effective as at 1st July 2013. The General Council, which owns the land, renewed its trust in its current operator.
A new destination was created: PARIS. The French airline launched the route between Chambéry and Paris in December 2013, which would allow ski lovers to quickly reach the winter sports resorts and would also offer locals to have an alternative to the train to travel to Paris.


Renovation work is launched: VINCI Airports invests more than 2 million euros to renovate the air terminal and the façade of the business aviation terminal.

Inauguration : nouveau visage et nouveau nom


Official re-opening: new name and new look.
In 24 November, after several months of restoration work, the Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Airport officially re-opened a renovated terminal and business aviation terminal to provide better quality infrastructures for its passengers. The airport also changed its name, becoming Chambéry Savoie Mont Blanc Airport, and thus contributed to the international tourism outreach of the Savoie region.

Hausse du trafic à l’aéroport


Traffic increase

  • +10% passengers with a total of 205, 000 passengers
  • Traffic increase with passengers from Great Britain and Russia
  • Business aviation increases by 4%

In 2018, the airport experienced a significant traffic increase, especially with passengers from Great Britain and Russia, who benefited from new scheduled and charter flights on Sundays, thanks to our airline partners, Tui Group, Titan Airways, British Airways and Club Med Russia.