Hold luggage

Our advices for preparing your hold luggage

In this section you will find information regarding allowed weight for hold luggage, overweight or excess bags, check-in desks and forbidden items.

Basic rules when preparing your hold luggage

Baggage weight

You should try to check as much as possible of your luggage as hold luggage and only check in absolute essentials as hand luggage (ID documents, reading material, etc).

Before preparing your luggage, you should check the weight authorised by the airlines you are traveling with, as it may change depending on your ticket price or the policy of the airline.

If your flight ticket does not include a hold luggage, you should check it in directly on the website of the airline company you are traveling with. It will be cheaper than at the airport.

If you carry an overweight luggage, you might have to pay additional costs.


Even if you travel with a hold luggage, you can check it in on line before your arrival at the airport. You will have to drop your luggage off at the check-in desk.

Overweight luggage

Specific authorisation can be granted by airlines for oversized items and luggage (golf club, surfboard, windsurfing, diving material). You should contact your airline company for further information. These specific items or luggage must be checked-in at the desk of the company you are traveling with.

Liquids, gels, pastes, creams, aerosols, sharp and blunt objects are allowed in hold luggage. E-cigarettes are not allowed in hold luggage, but they are authorised in cabin luggage

Attention - Remember to indicate your name and address on all luggage.