Forbidden items and objects

Items prohibited for air travel

Objets interdits

Security information

Explosive substances and devices or incendiaries such as ammunition, fuses, detonators, grenades and other military explosive devices, fireworks, bombs, dynamite, powder and plastic explosives are disallowed items in both cabin and hold luggage.

Hand luggage : disallowed items and object

Scissors, knives and blades, firearms or replica firearms, self-defence weapons, sharp or pointed objects, objects with sharp edges, pointed objects (baseball bats, golf clubs, bowling balls...), ski batons. More generally, any item or object which could be used as an offensive weapon or to cause harm.

Restricted products :

  • Liquids, gels, pastes, creams, aerosols.
  • Restrictions are in force on liquids in hand luggage
  • During safety and security checks, you must present flasks and tubes of a maximum of 100ml each separately in a sealed transparent plastic bad measuring circa 20cm by 20cm.

Attention: The content of each product must not exceed 100 ml !

Exceptions :

Food products for babies and toddlers are authorised whatever their content (bottles, small jars, etc.) as well as medication in liquid form with prescription (e.g. syrup) or creams. Measures applicable following European regulations in force, of 6 November 2006.

Flights concerned :

All flights departing from airports in the European Union (and Norway, Iceland and Switzerland) whatever the destination, including domestic flights, and whatever the country of origin of the airline.