Founded by the Romans during the Antiquity, Exeter remains one of the main medieval cities in England. Located in the heart of the English countryside, just a few kilometres from the English Channel, Exeter is well known for its 11th century Cathedral and its many unique sites!

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Scheduled flights


British Airways

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From December to April

Country information

Capitale Capital : London

Langue Language : English

Monnaie Currency : Pound Sterling 

Décalage horaire Time difference : 1 hour, it is one hour behind France

Climat Climate : temperate with frequent precipitation all year round but often light drizzle

Things to see and do

Street" or simply admire "the house that moved" - a building which was moved in full in the 60's so as to make way for a road!

For lovers of thrills and spills, "Ghosts and Legend" will certainly give you goosebumps! Enjoy taking in a guided tour which is offered by volunteers who are full of enthusiasm.

Further information: www.exeter.gov.uk


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