Check-in deadline

You must check-in at least 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


Identity documents

Identity card, passport, visa, valid vaccination booklet: ensure you have all documents required for your trip. Without the required documentation, you may be refused boarding, or entry into your destination country.

Prior to departure, contact your travel agency, tour operator or airline to enquire about the formalities required.


Children travelling alone

Some airlines offer a service to accompany minors to ensure that they can travel in total security. Each airline has its own policy and the standards applied vary in line with the age, situation and destination of the traveller. If you have a minor who is to travel alone, please ensure that all necessary documentation is accompanied.

Please contact your airline for more information.

A new regulation has entered into force for minors of French citizenship traveling out of France. This regulation imposes a new requirement that French minors (below 18 years old) travelling unaccompanied to present an “autorisation de sortie de territoire” (authorization to exit the country) at the exit border controls in France. The original form of the authorization shall be presented together with the identity document of the minors as well as a copy of identity document of the parent who signed the form.

A link to the form for the authorization can be found here:



Chambéry Airport prohibits you from travelling with animals in hold.

If you wish to fly with your animal, please inform us of this at the time of purchasing your flight ticket. Only small animals are permitted in the cabin. However, the maximum authorised weight allowed in the cabin varies depending on the airline. Some airlines do not accept any animals in the cabin, aside for guide dogs which are accepted in cabins in all European Union airports and from third States flying towards the EU, as long as the airline carrier is incorporated in Europe.  


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Passenger rights

The primary rights or airline passengers cover the following issues: disabled passengers and passengers with reduced mobility, refused boarding, cancellations, excessive delays, luggage, identity of the airline, package deals, price transparency.

The European Union has set out airline passenger rights. The smartphone app named "Your passenger rights" offers users clear and concise information concerning their travel rights in the European Union.


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