Country information:

Capital: Amsterdam

Language: Dutch and English.

Currency: Euro

Time difference: none

Climate: temperate: cool in summer and mild in winter. In general: very changeable and unpredictable weather alternating between sunshine, strong winds and rain. Take warm clothing all year round.

Things to see and do

Amsterdam has over 50 museums, such as the famous Van Gogh museum which has an exceptional collection of over 200 canvasses, 500 paintings and 750 manuscripts, which provide an extraordinary amount of information about the life and works of the Dutch artist.

Bicycles remain the simplest and quickest way of moving around thanks to the 400km of cycle tracks. Amsterdam also has guided tours on bicycle, which is a unique way of visiting the city!

Amsterdam is the city of flowers and the Tulip, which is the symbol of the city, is honoured in the Tulip Museum and its Flower Market is well renowned.

However, Amsterdam also has many canals, its Local Theatre, old town, red-light district and windmills.


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